Stop Struggling with Grammar and Start Practicing Communication

Many Gaelic learners cannot express themselves in unplanned conversations, despite years of study. 

This is usually because they focused on linguistics instead of communication. 

To think of it musically, they've studied the science behind how a guitar works but that doesn't mean that they can play songs.

This course offers constant practice in communication and expression

Course Features

  • A smooth progression from understanding a handful of Gaelic words to reading part of a Gaelic novel

  • Over 8 hours of conversational video lessons to tune your ear to the song of Gaelic - making your pronunciation far more accurate

  • Reading passages with recordings - to help your mind link sounds and written forms, accelerating your mental processing speed

  • 14 units of study that reinforce one another - to help the language move into your long-term memory

  • Optional questions and surveys to check your progress

  • Immersion in high frequency vocabulary, structures, and expressions as well as all 4 verb tenses and noun cases

  • A space to ask questions and receive feedback directly from me

Tom M, Israel

Affordable, online, and I can watch whenever is good for me

Tom M, Israel

"Right up my alley since it was affordable, it's online and it's made up of videos that I can watch whenever is good for me and I don't have to adhere to a schedule that I can't commit to due to work, life, etc. and so far it's been great. I like the videos and I even found myself using some of the phrases when thinking to myself."

Detailed Curriculum

Enjoy a Free Preview of Parts 1, 5, and 9.

Your time as a learner is very valuable.

Will you focus on grammar rules or communication?


It Really Is a Pain-free Course

"Jason is making a difficult language seem easy. I am learning how to understand Gaelic smoothly. It really is a pain free course. I was quickly using the present, past and future tense without a single worry or headache. I am laughing and smiling all the way to fluency with Jason's jokes and stories. I can feel he has a genuine passion for this beautiful language and for teaching. It is safe to say that Jason is the best language teacher I have ever had, and I know 5 languages and even more teachers, so I am not saying this lightly!"

Sofia S, Denmark

Steve B., Actress, Scotland

Very Clear to Follow

Steve B., Actress, Scotland

"The videos are very clear to follow, they are at the right speed for me and I find it very helpful that we are not speaking English at all.  Although it's scary for the first five seconds, it's then completely immersive!"
Julianne S, Nova Scotia, Canada

I Highly Recommend It

Julianne S, Nova Scotia, Canada

"The beginner course on Jason's website is extremely useful. I highly reccomend it. My daughters love it."

3 Steps to a Strong Foundation of Gaelic

  • Step 1

    Enroll safely and securely to get started right away - no lines, no waiting.

  • Step 2

    Work through the video lessons and readings on your own schedule.

  • Step 3

    Finish the course with the skills to read a learner's novel independently.