Have you ever struggled with expressing yourself in Gaelic?

Many Gaelic learners do, despite years of study. 

This is usually because they focused on learning linguistics in English instead of communicating in Gaelic.

Musically speaking, they've studied the parts of a guitar but that doesn't mean that they can play songs.

You deserve to play songs.

This course is all about communication

Gaelic will get stuck in your mind so that you can use it more smoothly and naturally

Course Features

  • 8+ hours of immersive conversational HD video lessons to tune your ear to the song of Gaelic - making your pronunciation far more accurate

  • Reading passages with recordings - to help your mind link sounds and written forms, accelerating your mental processing speed

  • Each unit reinforces the previous ones - helping the language get stuck in your mind

  • Optional questions and surveys to see your progress unfold

  • Immersion in high frequency vocabulary, structures, and expressions as well as all 4 verb tenses and noun cases

  • Ask me questions directly and receive feedback

  • Finish the course with reading part of a Gaelic novel - all by yourself!

Tom M, Israel

Affordable, online, and I can watch whenever is good for me

Tom M, Israel

"Right up my alley since it was affordable, it's online and it's made up of videos that I can watch whenever is good for me and I don't have to adhere to a schedule that I can't commit to due to work, life, etc. and so far it's been great. I like the videos and I even found myself using some of the phrases when thinking to myself."

Detailed Curriculum

Enjoy a Free Preview of Parts 1, 5, and 9.

  • 3

    Pàirt a Dhà (Part 2)

    • Part 2 - Aims of this Section
    • Leasan 4: Ciamar a Tha Thu? (How are you?)
    • Leasan 5: Aireamhan 1-10 (Numbers 1-10)
    • Leasan 6a: Aimsir (Weather)
    • Leasan 6b: Làithean (Days)
    • Reading & Listening for Part 2
    • Download the Reading for Part 2
    • Download the Part 2 Reading Read-aloud
    • Comprehension Check - Part 2
  • 4

    Pàirt a Trì (Part 3)

    • Part 3 - Aims of this section
    • Leasan 7: Aireamhan 11-20 (Numbers 11-20)
    • Leasan 8: A' Fuireach (Living, staying)
    • Leasan 9: Portland
    • Ceistean air Pàirt a Trì (Questions on Part 3)
    • Reading & Listening for Part 3
    • Download the Reading for Part 3
    • Download the Part 3 Reading Read-aloud
    • Language Learning Tip: Difficult Verbs
    • Comprehension Check - Part 3
  • 5

    Pàirt a Ceithir (Part 4)

    • Part 4 - Aims of this Section
    • Leasan 10: Aireamhan 20-1000 (Numbers 20-1000)
    • Leasan 11: Ag Iarraidh Peata (Wanting a Pet)
    • Ceistean air 'Ag Iarraidh Peata' (Questions on 'Ag Iarraidh Peata')
    • Leasan 12: Teaghlach (Family)
    • Reading & Listening for Part 4
    • Download the Reading for Part 4
    • Download the Part 4 Reading Read-aloud
    • Comprehension Check - Part 4
  • 7

    Pàirt a Sia (Part 6)

    • Part 6 - Aims of this Section
    • Leasan 14: Air Beulaibh, Air Cùlaibh, Ri Taobh (In front, Behind, Beside)
    • Leasan 15: An Aimsir 2 (The Weather 2)
    • Reading & Listening for Part 6
    • Download the Reading for Part 6
    • Download the Part 6 Reading Read-aloud
    • Comprehension Check - Part 6
    • Checking In Survey - Half Way Point
  • 8

    Pàirt a Seachd

    • Part 7 - Aims of This Section
    • Earran 1 (Passage 1)
    • Earran 1 Glossary Audio
    • Download Earran 1 Read Aloud
    • Answers for Earran 1
    • Earran 2 (Passage 2) - More Challenging!
    • Download Earran 2 Read-aloud
    • Answers for Earran 2
    • Comprehension Check - Part 7
  • 9

    Pàirt a h-Ochd

    • Amasan air Pàirt 8 (Aims of Part 8)
    • Leasan 16: Tha Nathraichean anns an Sgoil! (Snakes are in the School!)
    • Ceithir Ceistean Deug air Pàirt a h-Ochd (14 Questions on Part 8)
    • Leughadh & Èisdeachd airson Pàirt a h-Ochd
    • Faigh an Leughadh airson Pàirt a h-Ochd
    • Beagan Sgrìobhadh (A Bit of Writing) - Optional!
    • Comprehension Check - Part 8
  • 10

    Pàirt a Naoi

    • Amasan air Pàirt 9 (Aims for Part 9)
    • Leasan 17: Faisg air, Fada, Bho (Near, Far, From)
    • Leasan 18a: An Cù anns a' Chàr (The Dog in the Car)
    • Leasan 18b: Am Pàidh (The Pie)
    • Leasan 18c: Sneachd (Snow)
    • Faigh an Leughadh airson Pàirt a Naoi FREE PREVIEW
    • Download the Reading 9 Recording
    • A Bit from a Gaelic Song
    • Beagan Sgrìobhadh air 18A, B, agus C (A bit of writing on 18A, B, and C) - Optional!
    • Leughadh & Èisdeachd airson Pàirt a Naoi
    • Comprehension Check - Part 9
  • 11

    Pàirt a Deich

    • Amasan air Pàirt 10 (Aims for Part 10)
    • Leasan 19: Cur-seachadan (Hobbies)
    • Obair 1 air Leasan 19
    • Obair 2 air Leasan 19
    • Obair 3 air Leasan 19
    • Answers to Obair 2 & 3
    • Download the Obair 2 Recording
    • Download the Obair 3 Recording
    • Leasan 20: Còcaireachd (Cooking)
    • Comprehension Check - Part 10
  • 12

    Pàirt a h-Aon-deug

    • Amasan air Pàirt 11
    • Leasan 21: A' Siubhal 2 (Traveling 2)
    • A Wee Note
    • Leasan 22: A' Fàgail & A' Dol
    • Leughadh & Èisdeachd airson Pàirt a h-Aon-deug
    • Faigh an Leughadh airson Pàirt a h-Aon-deug
    • Get the Reading 11 Recording
    • Comprehension Check - Part 11
  • 13

    Pàirt a Dhà-dheug

  • 14

    Pàirt a Trì-deug

    • Amasan air Pàirt 13
    • Leasan 24: An Iolaire
    • An Iolaire - Version 1 Reading
    • Download An Iolaire Version 1
    • An Iolaire - Version 2 Reading
    • Download An Iolaire Version 2
    • Comprehension Check - Part 13
  • 15

    Pàirt a Ceithir-deug

    • Amasan air Pàirt 14 (Aims for Part 14)
    • A Gaelic Novel - Chapters 1 & 2
    • Ròna agus MacCodruim Glossary
    • Chapter 1 Recording
    • Chapter 2 Recording
    • Comprehension Check - Part 14
    • What happens next in the story?
  • 16

    Next steps

Your time as a learner is very valuable.

Will you focus on using English or using Gaelic?

Using Gaelic

It Really Is a Pain-free Course

"It really is a pain free course. I was quickly using the present, past and future tense without a single worry or headache. I am laughing and smiling all the way to fluency with Jason's jokes and stories. I can feel he has a genuine passion for this beautiful language and for teaching. It is safe to say that Jason is the best language teacher I have ever had, and I know 5 languages and even more teachers, so I am not saying this lightly!"

Sofia S, Denmark

Kortney B, Indiana, USA

No More Struggling!

Kortney B, Indiana, USA

"The immersive way Jason teaches is so much better than teaching myself from a book with cds. I was feeling stuck & losing hope that I could really learn Gaelic, but now I feel like I am learning Gaelic easily."
Rich B, Oklahoma, USA

I Cannot Recommend His Course Enough

Rich B, Oklahoma, USA

"I have learned so much in such a short period of time. I have always been intimidated about learning a new language, but Jason has made the experience not only fun but rewarding as well. I cannot recommend his course enough. If you have ever thought about learning Scottish Gaelic, then Jason is the teacher you have been looking for."
Steve B., Actress, Scotland

"I am Surprised at How Much I Have Learned"

Steve B., Actress, Scotland

"I have absolutely loved every minute of this course and I am surprised at how much I have learned and I am very keen to continue my studies. I feel such a sense of achievement at the end of this course and this is in no small measure down to your commitment, patience and encouragement. Thank you so much."

3 Steps to Getting Gaelic Stuck in your Head

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    Enroll safely and securely to get started right away - no lines, no waiting.

  • Step 2

    Enjoy the video lessons and reading passages on your own schedule, on any device.

  • Step 3

    Finish the course with the skills to read a learner's novel independently.

"Definitely the best training I've come across." 

Matthew G, Scotland